“Welcome to Absolute Painting Maui”

Absolute Painting Inc. is defined by the excellence and detail of our workmanship.  Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional long lasting quality work, which protects and increases the value of their investment.  Our reputation is structured on the consistent satisfaction from homeowners, contractors and everyone that has witnessed our work. Placing us in a whole different caliber of painters.  You can be assured that we will provide Absolute Integrity, Absolute Precision, Absolute Quality and Absolute Satisfaction because that is our Absolute Painting standard.

What our clients say!

I regret that we didn’t meet you 4 months ago when we were looking for someone to pant the interior of our home. We were in a rush to get the job done; we interviewed a few people and ultimately hired a sub-contractor/ painter. This person did and “OK” job. After meeting you and comparing the quality of your work on the exterior of our home to the quality of the work done by ‘the other guy’ on the interior of the home, it’s clear that we should have hired you to paint the interior, too.
Steve Jaquess